Guitar Accessories

Guitar Accessories

All our guitar accessories are now only available 0nline, thank you.

Accessories suppliers include: Ernie Ball, D'addario, Martin, Rotosound, Jim Dunlop, Kyser, Shubb, Korg, Kirlin, Rok Sak, Hercules, Schaller, Timber Tones, Gaucho, Perris, Cherub, Etc......

Accessories include: Cases, Gig Bags and Bags, Bottlenecks, Capos, Leads, Metronomes, Plectrums, Power Supplys, Stands, Strap Locks, Straps, Strings, Tuners, Etc.......


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**New Boston Capo (Kyser type design)
New Boston Capo Kyser type design. Very well made capodastra with strong spring, finished in Blac..
£16.99 £5.99
Timber Tones African Sapele Plectrum
African Sapele - Entandrophragma cylindricum - Janka Hardness: 1510 - Medium Warm/Medium Soft S..
Timber Tones Satinwood Plectrum
Nigerian Satin Wood - Distemonanthus Benthamianus - Janka Hardness: 2600 - Medium Bright/Medium H..
RotoSound 5 String Jazz Bass Set RRP £55.00
New RotoSound 5 String Jazz Bass Set RRP £55.00 New 5 String Set of RotoSound Jazz Bass Long ..
£55.00 £31.49
Timber Tones Afromosia Plectrum
Afromosia - Pericopsis angolensis - Janka Hardness: 1560 - Medium Warm/Medium Soft Sourced from..
Timber Tones Sonokeling Plectrum
Sonokeling - Dalbergia Latifolia - Janka Hardness: 3080 - Bright/Hard Timber Tones Plectrums ..
Timber Tones Bloodwood Plectrum
Bloodwood - Brosimum rubescens - Janka Hardness: 2990 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Sourced from ..
Timber Tones Zebrawood Plectrum
Zebrawood - Astronium Fraxinifolium - Janka Hardness: 2160 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Sourced ..
Timber Tones Bubinga Plectrum
Bubinga - Copaifera mildbraedii - Janka Hardness: 1980 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Sourced from..
Pub Prop For Most String Instruments
  The Pub Prop is a British-designed and manufactured stroke of genius which has be..
Based on 1 reviews.
Timber Tones Curly Maple Plectrum
Curly Maple - Acer saccharum - Janka Hardness: 1450 - Medium Warm/Medium Soft Sourced from Nort..
Rhythm Ring Shaker
The Rhythm Ring shaker is a neat little gadget and a perfect accompaniment to any strummer or per..
Timber Tones Lignum Vitae Plectrum
Lignum Vitae - Guaiacum officinale - Janka Hardness: 4500 - Very Bright/Very Hard Sourced from ..
Boing Folk/iPad Stand
We are really pleased to be selling these fun, funky, bendy, innovative, British-designed and mad..
3 Piece Guitar Stand
Guitar Stand, tripod style with neck support. All black metal unit with Rubber sleeve protect..
£14.99 £12.99
Timber Tones Macassar Ebony Plectrum
Macassar Ebony - Diospyros celebica - Janka Hardness: 3220 - Bright/Hard Sourced from India thi..
Timber Tones 4 Pack
A perfect gift for any Guitarist Each pack contains 4 different wood plectrums which offer v..
£12.00 £8.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Accurate Tuning just under your foot! Great addition to your guitar gear Ultimate Guitar/Bass..
Timber Tones Mexican Bocote Plectrum
Mexican Bocote - Janka Hardness: 2200 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Timber Tones Plectrums are ..
LogaRhythm by LogJam model ProLog with two Sounds
LogaRhythm Latest Model "ProLog" with two Sounds one for your Heel and one for your toe!! Now..
£100.00 £65.00
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