Guitar Accessories

Guitar Accessories

All our guitar accessories are now only available 0nline, thank you.

Accessories suppliers include: Ernie Ball, D'addario, Martin, Rotosound, Jim Dunlop, Kyser, Shubb, Korg, Kirlin, Rok Sak, Hercules, Schaller, Timber Tones, Gaucho, Perris, Cherub, Etc......

Accessories include: Cases, Gig Bags and Bags, Bottlenecks, Capos, Leads, Metronomes, Plectrums, Power Supplys, Stands, Strap Locks, Straps, Strings, Tuners, Etc.......


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Timber Tones Sonokeling Plectrum
Sonokeling - Dalbergia Latifolia - Janka Hardness: 3080 - Bright/Hard Timber Tones Plectrums ..
New Fender Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag
New Fender De-Luxe Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag. with Shoulder straps and accessory pockets. ..
£38.50 £24.95
Timber Tones Bloodwood Plectrum
Bloodwood - Brosimum rubescens - Janka Hardness: 2990 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Sourced from ..
Timber Tones Zebrawood Plectrum
Zebrawood - Astronium Fraxinifolium - Janka Hardness: 2160 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Sourced ..
New Ritter Bass Guitar De-Luxe Gig-Bag with Ritter Logo
Ritter Bass Guitar De-Luxe Gig-Bag with Ritter Logo NEW Ritter, Thickly Padded Bass GigBag wi..
£34.95 £24.99
Timber Tones Bubinga Plectrum
Bubinga - Copaifera mildbraedii - Janka Hardness: 1980 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Sourced from..
Pub Prop For Most String Instruments
  The Pub Prop is a British-designed and manufactured stroke of genius which has be..
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New Shubb Guitar Capo Noir Black Chrome.....
Brand New, New Design Shubb Capo 'Noir', finished in Black chrome, fits most Acoustic and Electri..
£29.95 £18.50
Timber Tones Curly Maple Plectrum
Curly Maple - Acer saccharum - Janka Hardness: 1450 - Medium Warm/Medium Soft Sourced from Nort..
Rhythm Ring Shaker
The Rhythm Ring shaker is a neat little gadget and a perfect accompaniment to any strummer or per..
Timber Tones Lignum Vitae Plectrum
Lignum Vitae - Guaiacum officinale - Janka Hardness: 4500 - Very Bright/Very Hard Sourced from ..
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