Timber Tones Bubinga Plectrum

  • Timber Tones Bubinga Plectrum
  • Timber Tones Bubinga Plectrum
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Bubinga - Copaifera mildbraedii - Janka Hardness: 1980 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard
Sourced from Central Africa an also known as African Rosewood, Bubinga is commonly used by Luthiers for its beauty and well rounded sound.

Timber Tones Plectrums are the very latest in luxury plectrums designed to be played on all types of guitar.

These beautiful picks are made from 18 different exotic timbers from around the world and cover a range of different hardness. Each gives a subtle difference in tone, thus allowing you to fine tune your sound.  The hardness is measured on the Janka scale and the chart shows the relative qualities of each of the 18 different timbers.
Timber Tones are machined to precise tolerances ensuring that the only difference will be the wood that you choose.
After passing a rigorous quality inspection Timber tones are treated with a wax to seal the wood and give them grip. They are then treated to a generous coating of Tung oil, which brings out their beauty.
You've treated yourself to high end guitar equipment now treat yourself to one of the best plectrums money can buy.....
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