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Ruby Tubes 12AX7 Vacuum tubes/ Valves
Ruby Tubes: High Quality 12AX7 or ECC83 dual triode Amplifier or Audio Valve/Vacuum Tube. 12A..
£21.00 £13.99
3 Piece Guitar Stand
Guitar Stand, tripod style with neck support. All black metal unit with Rubber sleeve protect..
£14.99 £12.99
Timber Tones Ovangkol Plectrum
Ovangkol - Guibourtia echie - Janka Hardness: 900 - Very Warm/Very Soft Sourced from West Afric..
New set of Six Boston Die-Cast Machine Heads Chrome Plated
New set of Boston Die-Cast Machine Heads, Chrome plated Grover type with large buttons. These are..
£27.00 £14.99
Good Quality Stage Cord (Guitar Lead) with Low Loss Cable
10ft (3 mtrs) Good Quality guitar connecting lead (Black) with standard jack plugs and low loss c..
Timber Tones Purple Heart Plectrum
Purple Heart - Janka Hardness: 2713 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Timber Tones Plectrums are th..
**New Boston Capo (Kyser type design)
New Boston Capo Kyser type design. Very well made capodastra with strong spring, finished in Blac..
£16.99 £5.99
Timber Tones African Ebony Plectrum
African Ebony - Diospyros mespilifomis - Janka Hardness: 3320 - Bright/Hard Sourced from Africa..
Timber Tones Santos Rosewood Plectrum
Santos Rosewood - Machaerium spp - Janka Hardness: 1780 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Sourced fro..
New Unused Promark "Pocket Pad" Drummer's Practice pad
New Unused Promark "Pocket Pad" Drummer's Practice pad (Note NO BOX) The Pro-Mark Pocket Pad ..
£18.99 £8.99
Timber Tones African Sapele Plectrum
African Sapele - Entandrophragma cylindricum - Janka Hardness: 1510 - Medium Warm/Medium Soft S..
Timber Tones Satinwood Plectrum
Nigerian Satin Wood - Distemonanthus Benthamianus - Janka Hardness: 2600 - Medium Bright/Medium H..
New Maxtone Acoustic Guitar wall Hanger rubber covered support head can be angled RRP £16.99
New Acoustic Guitar wall Hanger rubber covered support head can be angled. Well made Acoustic..
£16.99 £6.95
Timber Tones Afromosia Plectrum
Afromosia - Pericopsis angolensis - Janka Hardness: 1560 - Medium Warm/Medium Soft Sourced from..
Timber Tones Sonokeling Plectrum
Sonokeling - Dalbergia Latifolia - Janka Hardness: 3080 - Bright/Hard Timber Tones Plectrums ..
Sound-Lab 6 Microphones Flight Case (Metal Clad) Lockable
New Sound-Lab 6 Microphones Flight Case, Metal Clad, Lockable. Houses 6 microphones including..
£65.00 £39.99
Timber Tones Bloodwood Plectrum
Bloodwood - Brosimum rubescens - Janka Hardness: 2990 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Sourced from ..
Timber Tones Zebrawood Plectrum
Zebrawood - Astronium Fraxinifolium - Janka Hardness: 2160 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Sourced ..
New Fender Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag
New Fender De-Luxe Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag. with Shoulder straps and accessory pockets. ..
£38.50 £24.95
Timber Tones Bubinga Plectrum
Bubinga - Copaifera mildbraedii - Janka Hardness: 1980 - Medium Bright/Medium Hard Sourced from..
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